We eat abominable foods. We take celebrations that are abominations to God (Christmas, Easter, Sunday, etc.) and use them as “holy” days. We tolerate people that worship Gods other than our own. We turn a blind eye to astrology, fortune telling, and other “abominable” behavior. We often commend and celebrate businessmen whose wealth and stature was achieved through questionable practices (Rockefeller, Kennedy, Carnegie, Trump, etc.) Why do we so viciously despise homosexuality but we don’t display the same intense “hatred” for the whole lot of abominations? Why is homosexuality singled out as a sin so much worse than dishonesty or adultery - both of which, according to the Law, merit punishment by death?


If it’s an abomination, then it’s an abomination. One abomination cannot be better or worse, lesser or greater, more or less condemnable than any other of its kind.

Ok, here's the deal.

Christians are hypocrites. At least the Christians who stand in the way of "same-sex marriage".

You may read that and think I’ve crossed a line - that “hypocrites” is a bit too strong. Well, I’m just calling it as I see it; and what I see are hypocrites because they're arbitrarily using the "Old Testament" biblical prohibition against homosexuality as justification for preventing gay men and women from getting married.

The key word there is "arbitrarily". Bible-believing, conservative Christians (to be fair, not all Bible-believing Christians take this stance) snatch this one “abomination” as defined in the early days of the Israelite nation, and pull it forward 4,000+ years into the 21st century in order to persecute homosexuals. It’s arbitrary because, while tormenting homosexuals, they ignore all of the other “abominations” mentioned in the old testament.

Is this just an oversight? Is it willful ignorance? Or, is it malicious hatred?

To be honest, I think that for most of these Bible-believing, conservative Christians, it's ignorance. They've been taught that homosexuality is bad. They've even been taught the scriptures that prove homosexuality is an “abomination” in God's eyes.

What they haven't been taught (and haven’t been inquisitive enough to learn on their own) is all of the Old Testament “abominations” - or more accurately, all of the rest of the Old Testament “abominations” - that we ignore today.

Let's expose the hypocrisy by understanding what the Bible really says about homosexuality and the most blatant of the ignored "abominations".